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Fu 1 Nathan Fu Ms. Hallford English 9H Period #3 10--12 The Hero Within Everyone will make the step to become a hero from humble and simple beginnings. Of course, the move to become a hero is not easy and they will face many obstacles and trials that will test the strength of their friendship. However, the hero will develop traits that will shape and mold to to prepare them for their final test. Our hero will transition from the known world where he thinks he know who he is and descend down into the Nadir, the darkest and lowest point in their journey, where he will be tested both physically and mentally. That is the case for Bilbo Baggins, a shy and reluctant hobbit in J.R.R Tolkein's The Hobbit, who was protected from the perils and dangers of the real world in the comfort of his hobbit-hole. In his journey, Bilbo has to make many judgments that leave him torn between his loyalty to his friends and doing the right thing. But it is these obstacles that fully initializes him as a true hero. In the beginning of the story, Bilbo seemed like the most unlikely hero when Gandalf and thirteen dwarves came and asked for him to join them on the quest, but in the end, Bilbo faces many situations, challenges and develop traits like selflessness, courage ,and wisdom that is essential to all heroes and will ultimately determine and define who he is, and whether if he will succeed as a hero or not. A hero will rise when there is a call for a challenge and they could accept two choices: fight or flight. For Bilbo, the challenge comes when Gandalf and thirteen dwarves come and asked him to join them on a quest and play the role of a burglar to vanquish the terror of the countryside, Smaug. But more importantly, get back the treasure that rightfully belonged to them. When he first heard of the news, Bilbo seemed confused and he doesn't know what to do. Bilbo has to sides to him; his...

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