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Appendix 1: Literature Review

Report to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Scoping study into approaches to student wellbeing

Literature Review

PRN 18219

July 2008

Erebus International
Australian Catholic University

Table of Contents

Appendix 1: Literature Review 1
Table of Contents 2
Executive Summary 4
Section 1: Project Overview 4
Section 2: What is Student Wellbeing? 5
Section 3: The Outcomes of Student Wellbeing and its Pathways 6
1. Physical and Emotional Safety 6
2. Pro-social values 7
3. A supportive and caring school community 7
4. Social and Emotional Learning 7
5. A Strengths-based Approach 8
6. A sense of Meaning and Purpose 8
7. A Healthy Lifestyle 9
Section 4: International Focus on Student Wellbeing 9
Section 5: Student Wellbeing in the Australian Educational Context 9
5.1: Australian Government National Frameworks in Education 9
5.2 Report on the of the Responses of State and territory and non-government education authorities to the Concept of a National Student Wellbeing Framework 11
5.3 Student Wellbeing in State and Territory Curriculum and Policy Documents 11
Section 6: Whole School Approaches to Student Wellbeing: Issues of School Leadership, Implementation and Sustainability of Student Wellbeing Initiatives 12
Section 1: Project Overview 13
1.1 Introduction 13
1.2 Project Objectives 13
1.3 Methodology 14
Section 2: Student Wellbeing and its Pathways 16
2.1 What is Student Wellbeing? 16
The Definition of Student Wellbeing Used in this Report 21
Explanations of Key Terms in this Definition 21
The Assumptions Underpinning this Definition 22
2.2 The Pathways to Student Wellbeing 22
The seven pathways identified from the research 23
Section 3: The Outcomes of Student Wellbeing and its Pathways 31
3.1 Introduction 31
Productivity 31
Social Inclusion 32

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