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Yellow-spotted lizards. Mr. Sir. Curses. The Warden. All these are things that can be very scary in this book. Being with friends can help. Stanley Yelnats did not always have friends. At the beginning of Holes, Stanley was scared, but because of Zero he was brave by the end. Stanley was scared in the beginning because he did not know anybody. He was the new guy at Camp Green Lake. He had to go to the camp because they thought he has stole shoes, but he did not steal them. He thought he was going to get hurt. When he was in his cot, he thought it would break. Stanley was afraid of what would happen because of the curse. The curse was from his “no good, dirty rotten, pig stealing, great-great grandfather”. The curse would effect Stanley’s life immensely. Stanley was very scared because of all the things at Camp Green Lake and he did not have any friends to talk to in the beginning. At the end of the book, Stanley was brave because of Zero. Zero helped him have confidence. Everyone at the camp trusted Stanley. One of the campers named Squid asked Stanley to call his mom and apologize for him. Stanley taught Zero how to read and write even though other campers made fun of him. Stanley found his way back to camp with the help of Zero. They did not have any water, only had onions to eat, had to walk really far and they were alone. Zero and Stanley help each other even in the worst times possible. At the beginning of Holes Stanley was scared, but because of Zero he was brave by the end. This impacts Stanley’s future because he doesn’t have to stay at the camp anymore. Also, because Zero and Stanley help each other, the curse is lifted and good stuff starts happening. For example, Stanley’s father creates a new invention that eliminates foot odor. They become very successful.

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