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Hollard Enterprises Compensation and Benefit Analysis

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A leader is someone who can guide a group of people in an orderly manner in the achievement of various goals in life. There for one to qualify to be a trustworthy leader who can be looked upon there is need to cultivate and reveal qualities that are appealing to the public. My life in lower grades classes in my academy has been a road full of great insights from my principal who I can call a typical leader. He modeled the way for us through directing us on what to do as he did the same. For instance no one was supposed to miss the Sunday service and he ensured that by waking us early so that we could all head for the church on Sundays. The head teacher inspired the shared vision of our school through coming up with strategies to motivate both the teachers and the students in order to improve the overall school grades. When he got n the school as a leader is expected of he challenged the practices for instance he came up with the idea of making the school a boarding which seemed impossible because many students were from middle class families therefore could not manage the fees. However he came up with ways which saw the process succeed. He also enabled the subordinate staff and the students to act. This was achieved through open forums for suggestions on suitable projects. After analyzing the best ideas were picked and this saw the school grows and develop to greater height.
Finding your voice as a leader involves listening o oneself on what needs to be done. A leader will evaluate when, how where and why the plan should be carried in a specific period. For instance for a teacher to achieve good grades from the students need to sit down and come up with methods and strategies to assist in the achievement of the goal. For instance through offering addition tuition or encouraging peer teaching.
Being forward looking is another trait that a leader should have or...

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