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The Salem witch Trials can be compared to other historical events in history when social/political norms disintegrate for a period of time. Compare one of them to the Salem witch trials. CITE REFERENCES.

The Salem witch trial started because of the seven girls that were up at

the forest dancing. Unaware of what was happening reverend Parris burst

into the scene at that time and caught the girls dancing, but the girls all ran

away when they noticed reverend Parris’s presence. After the girls escaped

they started to fall sick, then with the pressure and post on the line

reverend Parris being to suspect the girls of conjuring spirit’s the last time

he saw them at the forest because of the way they were dancing at the

woods and also because of their reaction after they ran away from the

forest. But when he confronted his niece Abigail Williams she denies that

she and the other girls engaged in any witch craft. But later on when she

was pressure and confronted again she falsely confessed and accused

Tituba of conjuring the spirit while they were dancing, to be safe and not be

persecuted she too falsely accused Goody Osburn and Sara Good of witch

craft, because the consequences she will face. In the case of Abigail

Williams false accusation on people she was trying to get rid of people that

are in her way in order to achieve a goal, like Elizabeth Proctor and this

was what caused people their lives because of jealously, anger, greediness

and resentment.

The Holocaust was a tragic event in history, over 11 million lives were l

lost because of the crucial, racial prejudice and injustice against humanity.

The Nazis waged a vicious war against the Jews because Germans were

searching for a reason to blame someone for their problems and extremist

groups such as the Nazis provided a focus…...