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The Holocaust.

During the Second World War, when Adolf Hitler was in power and had influence and pressure on people, the tragedy happened to ne of the smallest group of people, that is called Holocaust. People did not have a choice. What they supposed to do if there were only two way of excising- to obey or disobey the extermination of the nation that was different from others? Even today, we see the world that is divided in to two parts that still thinks that Adolf Hitler was right and this is what had to be done, and the other part of the world thinks that Holocaust was one of the cruel and heartless events in the history.
The goals of Adolf Hitler were to clear the nation and erase the existence of Jews, for his own, personal reasons. The fascist movement was spreading all around, especially between the countries that were in a group of Axis power. It did not depend on every ones opinion, nothing personal; it was about being under the pressure of the leader. People had to obey it; otherwise they were going against and had to be punished as well, even killed. Humans did not have a choice, and a fear took over their personal feelings. They had to be like everyone to be saved. This movement also forced the Jews to change their names and last names, just to stay alive. That had to betrayal them just to be like others. However there were people who actually supported the idea of the extermination because they were sure that the Leader would not destroy without any reason.
There were people who disobeyed the movement. They were against it and they paid their price- just were killed or camped as slaves till the death. Disobeying was not acceptable, however, the Jews nation itself, those who did not give up and did not betray the generation, was the protest for the leaders to make them to destroy and erase as fast and cruel as…...