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“The Tell-Tale Heart”

Have you ever been paranoid before, or have you ever met someone who was totally crazed with paranoia? Well, we all have encountered someone with a case of paranoia, but not too many instances where it led to murder. In the story “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe, was devastating to say the least Poe is basically carrying out what was in his heart at the time. He is so paranoid about the old man’s eyes. He sees the eyes as “that of a vulture-a pale blue eye, with a film over it. Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold” (Poe 229). Who thinks like this? The old man didn’t do anything to him but look at him. He actually was stalking this man in his own house. What sane person breaks in one’s house and watch over them while they sleep? Poe was obsessed with this old man, until it haunted him for about a week. I know from experience one can get so paranoid until being around certain types of people will make you feel uncomfortable. I can admit I use to be paranoid about people, with physical disabilities. I was so afraid of them because I didn’t understand the condition. Once I understood the different conditions then I became less fearful. I felt really bad for the old man because in a sense he was paranoid. The old man often heard sounds in his house but thought it was just maybe his own Wilson2 There were times when he thought he was going to die any minute. He calmed down after a while. He often set up in his bed, with fear that someone was there. It’s really sad that as one gets older people take advantage of them. I couldn’t believe he really beheaded him and cut off his body parts. He was truly crazy. This is a prime example how people do things in the real world. This was truly premeditated from the…...

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