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Home Depot Competitor Analysis

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Primary Competitor Analysis
Competitor Name: The Home Depot, Inc
Headquarters: Atlanta (Cobb County), Georgia
Locations: 2,200 Retail Stores in U.S., Canada, and Mexico
Annual Revenue: 2013-$74,754,000,000 2014-$78,812,000,000 2015-$83,176,000,000
Slogan/Motto: “More saving. More doing.”
Primary Products: -Building Materials (40,000 different kinds) -Tools/Hardware -Appliances (kitchen/bath/décor) -Lawn and Garden Products -Electrical, Plumbing, Flooring, & Heating/Cooling Supplies
Primary Services: -Home Depot Home Services (national installation service with pre-screened independent contractors) -Free How-To Clinics -Kids Workshops
Primary Target Market: The Home Depot’s primary target markets are the do-it-yourself customer, the do-it-for-me customer, and professionals. This mainly includes Generation Y white, Hispanic, and black males, across the United States with pretty much any education level.
Distribution Strategy: Network of distribution centers for store replenishment and direct-to-customer fulfillment for e-commerce channel.
Promotion Strategy: The Home Depot distributes weekly circulars promoting products and weekly sales. They spend extensively on online marketing since this is fastest growing segment. Their online presence includes online...

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