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Aspect of Writing When it comes to writing there are so many different parts to building a great essay. It requires voice, organization, punctuation, and many more elements that add to the writing that make it better. But one part that I believe is huge when it comes to writing is getting your point across to the audience and applying your writing to the readers themselves. Capturing the audience’s attention will not only get your point across to the reader but make your reading more applicable and enjoyable to the reader as well. Have you ever read a book or essay that you couldn’t read or quite understand what was being said? A reason why it may have been hard to understand or read is because it had no interest to you and it had no purpose to you as the reader at all. In order to get your point across to the reader you must capture their attention early on in your writing with a interesting introduction. I have read multiple books that don’t capture my attention until halfway through the book and they are much less appealing than other books that capture my attention in the beginning of the book. It draws the audience away from the topic and makes them not wanting to read the rest of the reading. This is why it is so important to get the reader’s attention at the beginning of the reading and find what really hooks the reader into your writing. Many writers may ask how do you capture the reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading. It is important to remember that not every reader is going to love your style of writing but everyone has their own way of writing and have their own personal preferences. But one way to capture the reader’s attention is to write about your interests and try and relate to the audience you are addressing.

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