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Home Network Speed

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Home Network Speed
Wilmington University
The Speed test was carried out for my home network through the period from 8/31/15 to 10/13/2015. Various screen shots were taken, and with the help of them, the graph was plotted. The different type of the network pattern was seen. The different changes were found while performing these tests. The jitter shown variations from 17 to 175 ms. One of the reason for this cause is network congestion. It can be at the router interfaces or in a provider or carrier network if the circuit has not been provisioned correctly. There is a variation in ping from 11 to 14 ms. As the there is inadequate bandwidth a ping becomes variable. In addition, the speed claimed by Comcast is 100mbs but it showing minimum speed of 4.60 mbps and maximum of 13.25 mbps.
With the graph's assistance, I can watch the general pattern of net index and unpredictable values of ping and jitter for my home system. My ISP is Comcast. As indicated by this chart, I can say that Comcast is not ready to satisfy the speed that was guaranteed for my agreement. Variations of Ping and Jitter prompts lessened reaction both for upload and download speeds. I have utilized different devices, for example, Smartphone, three tablets to the same modem/switch that made the heap on my home system. Particularly amid evening time and late evenings, I have seen a drop in the speed. I think my plan ought to be checked that will help me to get great speed for what I'm paying.

Graph Covering the Dates
From 8/31/15 to 10/13/2015
From my home network

| 8/31/15 | 9/6/15 | 9/12/15 | 9/15/15 | 9/20/15 | 9/27/15 | 10/6/15 | 10/13/15 | Ping | 11 | 11 | 14 | 14 | 14 | 12 | 14 | 14 | Speed | 15 | 15.10 | 13.35 | 13.06 | 14.18 | 12.13 | 4.78 | 13.35 | Index | 84.2 | 84.2 | 84.2 | 84.2 | 84.2 | 84.2 | 84.2 | 84.2 | Jitter | 17 | 33 | 11 | 23 | 121 | 175 | 32 | 175 | Packet Loss | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 |

THE SCREEN SHOTS- Date- 8/31/2015 Date- 9/6/2015 Date- 9/12/2015 Date- 9/15/2015 Date- 9/20/2015 Date- 9/27/2015

Date- 10/6/2015 Date- 10/13/2015 Date- 8/31/2015 Date- 9/6/2015 Date- 9/12/2015 Date- 9/15/2015 Date- 9/20/2015 Date- 9/27/2015 Date- 10/6/2015 Date- 10/13/2015 Date- 8/31/2015 Date- 9/6/2015 Date- 9/12/2015 Date- 9/15/2015 Date- 9/20/2015 Date- 9/27/2015

Date- 10/6/2015 Date- 10/13/2015 Date- 8/31/2015 DATE - 9/6/2015

DATE - 9/12/2015

DATE - 9/15/2015

DATE - 9/20/2015 DATE - 9/27/2015

DATE – 10/6/2015

DATE – 10/13/2015

Date- 8/31/2015

DATE - 9/6/2015

DATE - 9/12/2015

DATE - 9/15/2015 DATE - 9/20/2015 DATE - 9/27/2015 DATE – 10/6/2015

DATE – 10/13/2015

As indicated by the recorded information, the speed test helps us to distinguish the speed and the fluctuations can be kept away from. My Net index speed was steady. I additionally watched that amid all the more morning hours 7 to 11 am the speed was great. As I was confronting many issues, with the help of Comcast experts, we reasoned that the rate issues were a direct result of a noise issue. One of the alternate issues was in the channel settings of the modem; it was likewise settled by the experts. To determine this issue, I need to utilize the wired system and minimize the gadgets associated with my home system. For the security reason, the password ought to additionally be changed regularly.


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