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Home School Versus Public School

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Public School versus Home School

In the world that we have today we seem to have more options than we had in the past. One of those choices is the choice between home school and public school. Several factors can be involved when making this decision. One might ask his or herself; which choice of school is better? Public school is more effective than homeschooling because it allows children to communicate with each other and guides them in the right direction concerning their grades. As I previously said, there are many factors that should be looked at thoroughly in order to make a final decision on your choice of school. One of those factors would be self-discipline. Self-discipline is the action in which you are able to discipline yourself to complete tasks when needed too without anyone helping you. Self-discipline is sometimes hard to have especially as a child or young adult. It is not something that comes easy; it has to be worked on for some time. In order to succeed at home school, self-discipline is something that must be made. There will be many times that students will have assignments that need to be completed, but there are other things that the student really wants to do. If you do not have self-discipline, then you are not going to be able to accomplish the necessary things needed in order to succeed in home school. Public school is not as much of a challenge because you have an adult there to push you and get you motivated to succeed at all times. Sometimes it takes a little push from someone else to get you in the motivation state that you need. Time management is the act in which you are able to manage all of your time throughout the day. Time management plays a huge factor in the difference between homeschooling and public school. For home schooling, you have to have time management in order to succeed whereas for public school, all of your classes can be timed, and you have to attend them. Adults often have trouble with being able to manage their time. For young children, it is very difficult to understand the importance of time management. School work and grades might suffer tremendously if the right amount of time might not be put into it. Therefore, they are most likely to fall behind in their studies, as well as their grades. Public schools offer certified teachers that have completed a college degree in teaching to teach the children. Home schooling can be finished online or with the help of a teacher that comes around once a week versus every day. It is important for a child to have someone to answer any questions that he or she might have. Not having this daily can lead to major problems concerning grades and comprehension. When students have trouble at a public school they can be surrounded with certified teachers that are there to help at all times. Unfortunately, home schooling is not the same. You might be expected to do it pretty much on your own. In many cases, it is difficult for a child or teenager to solve things on their own with little or no help. A child, as well as many teenagers, still need that push to succeed as well as guidance in their education to help them understand what can be expected on assignments as well as overall school work. In order to succeed in the many demands of home schooling, you have to be able to self-teach and learn from yourself. In public school settings, you have examples to follow that help you in the right learning path. Self-teaching takes a lot of time and self-discipline; this is something that a student might not have as much trouble with it they are in public schools. Social interaction is when you are able to communicate with other people in a setting other than being at your house. This is especially difficult to have if you will be home schooled. When a student is home schooled, over 90% of his or her time can be spent at your own home usually alone. If public school is your choice, then you will have the opportunity to have social interaction included in your life. You will be away from your home and have other individuals to talk with and share things that are going on with school, as well as everyday life. It is not healthy to stay in a house and not have any communication with others. Social interaction might be needed when kids are young. It helps with their social lives throughout their lives. Social interaction is a milestone that should not be passed up. Public schools allow social interaction. Having peers to help you through problems in school, as well as personal problems, is a good thing. Public schools allow children to have this. Children often go through the same personal problems as well as academic problems. It helps tremendously to have someone there to help through difficult times that may arise. There are some issues that children might feel more comfortable discussing with others their age rather someone than someone older. Ultimately, if there is something that a student cannot grasp in their school work, but a friend can, and then this can be very useful to both. During home schooling, you can be left alone to figure things out pretty much on your own. If children are in public school, they have peers, as well as teachers, always there to help. Public school is not a walk in the park, but it does allow children to have helped on hand as well as the social interaction that is healthy for them. As I have said before, Public School is more effective than homeschooling because it allows children to communicate with each other and guides them in the right direction concerning their grades. As I have explained throughout this essay, I honestly believe that home school is not as beneficial to a student. Public school allows friendships to be made. Grades seem to be a part with both home and public schools. Grades tend to be better when a student attends public schools. Homeschooling requires a lot of self-discipline and self-motivation. This will be rarely found in children, and this is a primary reason why homeschooling is not the best.

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