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Home-Schooling; a Public School Alternative?

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Home-schooling; a Public School Alternative?
Monique Mapp

In 2011, based on statistics from the National Household Education Surveys, an estimated 1.77 million students were home-schooled in the United States. This constituted a 0.5 percent increase from the surveys done in 2007. The reason for this upsurge is simple; home-schooling is a viable alternative to public education. The home-educated are reaching and surpassing standards set by public schools. Home-schooling is as effective as public-school in meeting a student’s academic, social, and physical needs, providing quality education in a focused and engaging environment.

In 2011-2012, the U.S. Department of Education released statistics revealing that 74 percent of parents who choose to educate their children at home, did so because of a dissatisfaction with the academic instruction of other schools. Opposition declares that home-schooled children do not perform as well academically than their public-school counterparts. The fact is, however, the home-educated meet and exceed academic expectations when compared to their public-schooled peers. Both GPA and graduation rate is slightly elevated above that of public-school students. The average GPA of a home-schooled student is 3.41 compared to the 3.12 GPA of their public-schooled counterparts. Public-school students also graduated at a lower rate (58.6%) than home-schoolers (66.7%).

Overall, home-schoolers are more academically prepared for college and they tend to perform better once they get there. According to Michael Cogan (2010), the director of institutional research and analysis at the University of St. Thomas, home-school students averaged 26.5 on their ACT while students in public-school scored 25.0. It was also found that public-school students earned fewer college credits prior to beginning college (6.0) than...

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