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Home Schooling vs Public Schooling

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Home Schooling vs. Public Schools: Which One is Better?

Thesis Statement: Many parents question what is best for their child’s education, home schooling or public school. Home schooling can sometimes provide a more direct and focused education than public schools, Public School is better in many ways including the child’s social development.

I. Home Schooling vs. Public Schooling

II. The Pros and Cons of Home Schooling
A. Home schooling can benefit both students and parents by providing individual attention.
B. Home schooling gives parents a sense of security.
C. Home schooling puts financial strain on parents.
D. Home schooling can cause slower social development.

III. The Pros and Cons of Public Schooling A. Public schooling provides many free services. B. Public schooling allows both parents time to have a full time job. C. Public schooling allows students to participate in many activities, sports, and organizations.
D. Public schooling makes students more likely to deal with bullying and peer pressure .

D. Home Schooling vs Public Schooling: Which is Better? A. The pros of public schooling outweigh the cons, thus making public schooling the better choice.

When children become of age, and it is time for them to start school, many parents question what is best for their child’s education, home schooling or public school. Both home schooling and public schooling has their pros and cons, but many parents often question which one is actually better for their child. Home schooling can sometimes provide a more direct and focused education than public schools. Public school is better in many ways including the child’s social development. Home schooling can be good for a child in many ways. They have a more direct and focused method of learning because the class size is not as large as a public school...

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