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Home Security Vulnerabilities

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Home Security Vulnerabilities
Principles & Theory of Security Management
Professor James Leiman
DeVry University On-Line
Antoinette Bowen
19 January 2014

Home Security Vulnerability With criminals being smart enough wait and watch even pay real close attention to their victims daily habits; “at every 15 seconds, a home in the United States is broken into, said Angela Mickalide, director of education and outreach for the National Home Safety Council.” (Herbet, 2014) It would seem that it’s hopeless for people to stay safe. That in order for people to feel safe they need to purchase state of the art equipment to secure their property. For those who maybe considering the option to purchase a security system but really don’t have the funds for the monthly services should realize that there are several other methods of prevention. When observing our own environment it will appear to be safe, but how safe are we? Since people consider a very familiar area their comfort zone is when we tend to overlook the possibilities of being watched-to become a delinquent’s next victim. Let us look into our own backyards to assess the safety of our own homes. Being in a home that had been constructed in the 1920’s would seem fairly unsafe and susceptible to break-ins even becoming an easy target for offenders. Easy to kick doors in, break through windows, and bust locks due to a decaying foundation. Even as the dynamic of the changing neighborhood goes from home owners to being occupied with renters and dilapidated homes; it seems more likely to become a target for break-ins as well as for other illicit activities. Most of the renters have not shown any interest in keeping up with lawn care which makes it easy access for a person to lay and wait for their opportunity. Public utilities have deemed it a necessity to conserve energy so the street lights will go off for about five to ten minutes and back on and so forth. The home is fenced in with the ability to climb or leap over and the area between the houses from the backyard has an unclimbable wood fence. Now, with all the lack of lighting, neighbors who don’t care, the possibilities of a weak foundation and the depreciation of the community it appears that crime has become a very big problem within the area. Leaving the residence of the community to feel unsafe and more of a possible victim. After looking around the home and area I think that the lighting, windows, doors, locks, the fence, and landscape could be a fault to securing the home. Compared to newly built homes made from less quality products with less time to build them, I would believe the home built in the 1920’s to have a stable foundation if not more stable base than the homes of today. In order to make certain that any home that lacks the proper security measures one should go through a check list to focus on what areas that need to be fortified. To begin, let’s start by thinking like a criminal and look for the accessible entry points and weaknesses from within the perimeter. This will help when designing your strategy plan for securing your home. Although installing a security system would be a good idea it may not be economically fit for you, you should try to make your home uninviting to burglars. Some communities have adopted a Street Closures program (Project Quiet Street) which has been designed by Ronald V. Clarke. In the guide it states that; “It assumes that you have already conducted a detailed problem analysis and are now exploring alternative responses, including closing streets or alleys. It explains why you might expect street closures to reduce crime or disorder, it summarizes the literature on their effectiveness, and it discusses the arguments for and against their use. It also lists the questions you should ask, and steps you should follow, in implementing closures. Finally, it suggests measures you might use to assess the effectiveness of your actions.” (Clarke, 2014) Not all can have this happen but what we can take away from the guide will help with securing the home. Always keep hedging trimmed since it could make for good hiding placing that can lead a crook to be able to enter the home without being seen. Keeping your shrubbery manicured will allow avoidance from a home invasion since some older homes has flimsy single-pane glass. Next you should make sure access is repudiated by locking all doors and windows-even if you have a garage that’s attached to the house make sure to bolt all windows and doors. Remember, having a garage does not mean the house is safe due to closing the garage door. It’s a good notion to have lighting around your walkways with some motion-detectors stationed around the property. Make sure to changes in your routine, one should never get comfortable doing and following the habitual activities. This can give an offender opportunity so be sure to the settings on the lights and change up your activities. Another idea would to know thy neighbors. Building a rapport will allow each resident to keep a watchful eye out while you’re away. If they are unable to keep an eye on the whole house be sure have a boards or rods to secure the sliding glass doors, window are locked on the second floors, and never give a culprit helpful means of gaining entrance in your home. Finally, consider your safety along with precautions because as Polk has said; "Don't establish any patterns," "If a burglar can't be sure of when you're coming or going, they're less likely to strike your house." (Herbet, 2014) Ask people you can rely upon to make rounds (drive by the house) to pick up mail and the newspapers. When purchasing deadbolts make sure you’re able to make a hasty escape. It has always been a good idea to inaugurate a neighborhood watch and try to implement measures that will be most operative to your strategy plan. In that plan one should have clear approach towards prevention goals by analyzing the problem.

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