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Home Sweet Home

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Introduction to Western Culture

Home sweet home:
Tangible Memories of an Uprooted Childhood
Anat Hecht

This text is an extract from a book call Home Possessions: Material Culture Behind Closed Doors, published by Daniel Miller edition in 2001.
This chapter focuses on one woman’s past, memoirs and the link between her past, history and all the symbolic ‘materials’ in her actual home. The woman’s nickname is Nan and this is how she is call during the whole paper. She basically tells the Writer about some key events of her childhood that are part of her self-identity and after, analysis of these events are made by the author in little paragraphs. The text is split in six parts, the first one being an introduction enhancing the main idea, which is, how a Home can be defined as a private museum of memories. The second part is call A world of Memory, and it is about how the author and Nan first met, but also and mainly about Nan’s childhood which, as she said, was probably the most ‘beautiful’ part of her life, because when you are a child, you only care about things that makes you happy. Third part is call ‘Shattered Home’ and is surely the saddest part of Nan’s remembrance. Her father was called off to war and her mother was pregnant, hence, she had to stay home while Nan had to go to war camps with her five years old younger brother she had to take care of from that moment: “All she had left were memories and an extraordinary ability to narrate and convey them” p129. This part of her life perfectly explains why she is so proud of where she is originally from (Edinburgh). The Sensory Journey is the fourth part of the text. It brings up how Nan remembers about her childhood and other parts of her past through sigh, touch and even smell. Also, she makes an important statement about herself, saying that she is a memories...

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