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The day that we brought home Watson was a very important, and joyful day for my family and I. We had been wanting to bring a puppy home for a very long time, but it was not until that hot, August day, when I truly realized that I would soon be able to bring home the dog of my dreams. It all started when I was about 5 five years old, when I first asked my parents for a puppy. Like any good parent of a five year old and newborn baby, they said no. Then, I followed up with the question of when can I get one, and they said when I’m ten. Flash forward a few years to my tenth birthday, I was for some reason convinced that I would be able to get a dog that year, but we didn’t. My parents told me that there was a lot of work that goes along with …show more content…
We had identified a breed, breeder, and even looked at the different materials and foods that we might need. By mid July, I was really being annoying to my family. Reminding them everyday, to call the breeders, or to email them, but nobody did a thing. That's when I took matters into my own hands and actually emailed the breeder and found out what puppies they had available. He told me that they had a few left, and that if I wanted to bring a puppy home from him, I would have to hurry. I then showed the email to my dad, he called the breeder to verify my information, then he came home for dinner that night, and told us that that weekend we were going off to pick up a puppy! The day before we went to pick the puppy up, we headed to Petsmart to buy all of the supplies we needed, like a bed, crate, and some chew toys. After that, we made a list of names: Theo, Max, Watson, and Riley were our top names. We decided that we would choose a name when we saw him. And then, all we could do was wait, until the day came that would change our lives forever.
The next day when we woke up, everybody was very excited. Right after lunch that day, we headed out for Stonewall Brittanys and Kennel in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The drive there was full of anxiety and everybody in the car was silent, thinking about what was to come. When we got to the farm, we met the puppy who was sitting in an empty kiddie pool. It was as if somebody read my mind,
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That's when we decided to call him Watson. Once we arrived at home, Watson was very scared, and didn’t really know what to do. We gated off his “area”, left a bowl with a little bit of food in it out, and opened his crate, because in the breeder’s house he had already been sleeping in a crate, and we figured he would like it. That night was very quiet, not because he was well trained or anything, but because he was scared. Little did we know that he was going to be a handful; a fluffy, cute, loving

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