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Home Alone Review


Home Alone is a comedy / family film that was produced in 1990. The movie starts off at Peter and Kate McCallister’s home in Winnetka, Illinois. Their extended family has gathered at their home to prepare for their family Christmas trip to Paris, France. The family is rushing around the house, getting last-minute things ready for their trip. The doorbell rings and pizza arrives, they gather around the table to eat dinner. Kevin McCallister an eight-year-old boy, the son of Peter and Kate McCallister gets in an argument with his brother Buzz at dinner. He is sent to the third floor of their home for his bad behavior. As he walks up to the third floor Kevin screams to his mother he wishes he had no family. Kate McCallister tells her son “be careful what you wish for.” Later that night, the power went out and the family was late waking up for their flight. The family rushes out to make their flight and did not realize they left Kevin behind. Kevin wakes up, looks around and realizes he is home alone. He is overwhelmed with happiness. Until he realizes there are burglars planning to rob the neighborhood homes and his house is one of them. Kevin overhears that the robbers Harry and Marv, are planning to rob his house on Christmas Eve. He prepares and sets up different booby traps trying to stop them. When finishing preparing his different tricks and traps he sits back. Kevin is waiting for the robbers to arrive. In the meantime, his family is doing everything they can to get a flight back home. They have difficulties doing so considering it is Christmas Eve. All of the flights are full. The family is nervous; they cannot get in touch with Kevin because the phone lines are down at their house.

The setting of Home Alone takes place in Winnetka, Illinois and Paris, France. Most of the move takes place at the McCallister’s…...

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