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Homeless Teens

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November 22, 2013

Why Sports Shouldn’t Be Allowed?

High schools football cost about $1,300 a player math by contract, cost just about $618 a student. High school shouldn’t offer sports because it distract them

from learning time, students can also get injured and a lot of time is spent on practices and

games would be spent on doing homework or studying. High school money should be

spent on other important stuff rather then sports. For example the money can be used on

book, electricity, toilet paper, desk and other important school stuff.

High school sports shouldn’t be allowed in school, because it interrupts learning

time. Some students miss a lot of assignments/test because they get pulled out of class to

leave to their games. Things that interrupts class shouldn’t be allowed in school. Students

have a sense of belonging, when they feel tied to the school, they feel more part of the

progress. The problem is that once sports become important to the school, they

will start colliding with academics. Sports programs gives students the opportunity to

meet and interact with students and other schools.

High school sports shouldn’t be allowed, because many sports can cause many

injury’s. High school football players spend long, exhausting hours practicing ( 15 percent

experience a brain injury each season). Sports that causes injury’s shouldn’t be allowed in

school. These are probably one reason why high schools don’t allowed sports in their

school. Some high schools probably want their school to be known for...

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