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Georgia Davis
June 29, 205
Janet Levy

“Homelessness is a worldwide problem that affects millions. You will find them sleeping on sidewalks, under bridges, on park benches, in cars and in any little cubby hole they can find. You will see women, men, young kids and families” (G. Davis, personal communication, June 29, 2015). ("The Portland Rescue Mission" ( 2015 ). Retrieved from According to ‘the Portland Rescue Mission’ (2015), “The methodology for finding and counting the homeless is imperfect; we simply do not find everyone”. “Why are they all out there? What is Homelessness and what causes it? Homelessness is a very complicated issue that has no social or economic boundary. Mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence and economic times affect all ages of the Homeless” (G. Davis, personal communication, June 29, 2015). 1. Homelessness and Mental Health
Mental Illness seems to be one of the leading causes of homelessness. “During my involvement with the homeless, I knew of a women name Frankie. Frankie was a school teacher, had a husband and two children. One night their home burned down with Frankie’s husband and children being lost in the fire. Frankie lost all rational thinking, not understanding why she lived. Frankie had a complete mental breakdown and ended up on the streets of Dallas homeless. This is a case of mental illness being the cause of homelessness. (G. Davis, personal communication, June 29, 2015). 20-25% of the homeless suffer from mental illness (Portland Rescue Mission. 10 Causes of Homelessness, #3). “Serious mental illness disrupts people’s ability to carry out essential aspect of daily life, such as self-care and household management. Without assistance, these men and women have little chance of gaining...

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