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Myles C. Albasin
Ria Faye P. Paderanga
II – St. Jean de Brebeuf

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Ma’am Lea Lilibeth Emata

March 11, 2011

Myles C. Albasin
Ria Faye P. Paderanga
Research Adviser: Ma’am Lea Lilibeth Emata
Xavier University High School Ateneo de Cagayan
ABSTRACT This investigatory project was conducted primarily to determine the effectiveness of “Sapal” in restraining bean weevil for longer storage of leguminous seeds. Simple process was undertaken. The materials were prepared before performing the experiment. The 150 grams of mongo seeds were used as the experimental set-up and 150 grams for control set-ups. One piece of mature coconut was grated and dried, 75 grams of “Sapal” was mixed with 150 grams of mongo seed, and also with 150 grams of string bean seeds. The ratio of mixing was 2:1 seeds and “Sapal”. After mixing, it was placed in separate sieves and allowed to dry under the sun for 6 hours. Then, the experimental seeds were placed in separate jars properly labeled; likewise with the jars of the control separately placed and also properly labeled. The bottles were kept in a cabinet seed bank safe to avoid being accidentally destroyed by people and animals. The seeds were observed weekly and whatever observations noticed for a period of one month were recorded. Result of the study showed that using “Sapal” as Weevil Repellant in Storing String Bean and Mongo Seeds is effective. The researchers concluded that “Sapal” is an effective medium in preventing the attack of weevil on beans and mongo during storage.

Legumes are one of the most valuable plants grown in the country. They do not only produce food for man and animals but also contribute to the fertility and improvement of the physical condition of the soil. Legumes are plants that bear flowers shaped like a butterfly and which produce seeds enclosed in pods. Legumes are highly nutritious. The seeds of these plants are an alternate source of food protein especially among Filipinos who belong to poverty level. They are also used as medicine in reducing cases of beriberi. They are easily prepared as food and easily digested. As animal feed, they serve as additives that provide protein. Their pods are used as green feeds and an excellent food for fattening and lactating animals. The bean weevil (Callosbruchus chinensis L.) is a very serious pest attacking bean seeds during storage. This insect reduces the quality of seeds and its viability, making it unfit for human consumption and propagation. One of the measures commonly used to control this pests is the used of chemical insecticide. However, some farmers could not afford to treat their products due to high cost of insecticides which also leave toxic residue to the treated seeds making them unfit for human consumption. These observations and problems prompted the researchers to investigate and determine the effectiveness of using “Sapal” as weevil repellant for string bean and mongo seeds.


The coconut palm, Cocos nucifera, is classified in the family Palmaceae (palm).It is one of the most valuable trees of the palm family, and the most widely distributed of all palms. The coconut palm is found in all tropical regions, even in the most 6 isolated shores, where the floating seeds were probably carried by ocean currents. It also grows in the wild in the southern part of Florida. The original habitat is not known. The tree has grown in tropical Asia and the Malayan islands since prehistoric times, and it may have originated in those regions.
Mongo has a protein content of 20-28% which is about three times that of cereals. Its seeds are easily utilized in a number of ways. They may be boiled and eaten with sugar and milk or mixed with sotanghon.


The materials used were mongo seeds (300 grams); 150 grams for experimental set up and 150 grams for control set up; bean seeds (300 grams); 150 grams for experimental and 150 grams for control set up; Sapal – 150 grams; and empty glass jars, 4 pieces.



The following are the data gathered from this study:
Table 1
OF “SAPAL” IN CONTROLLING WEEVIL Materials | Experimental Set-up | Control Set-up | | 1st Week | 2nd Week | 3rd Week | 1st
Week | 2nd
Week | 3rd Week | Bean Seeds | 0 | 0 | 0 | 10 | 18 | 25 | Mongo Seeds | 0 | 0 | 0 | 12 | 16 | 28 |

Table 1 shows the comparisons and evaluations on the effectiveness of sapal in controlling weevil. Within one month, Sapal was applied on bean seeds and mongo seeds at 2:1 ratio (2 part seed and 1 part sapal). As the number of weeds increased the presence of weevil also increased in the control set-ups. They were directly proportional. The effectiveness of sapal is 100%effective.

Table 2

Control Set-up | Experimental Set-up |

Material | No. of seeds damaged (grams) | No. of seeds undamaged (grams) | No. of seeds damaged (grams) | No. of seeds undamaged (grams) | Mongo Seeds |
17 |
133 |
0 |
150 | String Bean Seeds |
15 |
135 |
0 |
150 |
Table 2 shows the effect of “Sapal” in controlling weevil. For the period of one month of storing the string bean and mongo seeds, there are only a small number of seeds damaged as shown in table 2 while in the experimental set-up all of the seeds were undamaged.


Based on our study, we are able to find out that using sepal is effective for legumes to control bean weevil. And within the period of one month of longer, “Sapal” can protect mongo and bean from bean weevil. Therefore, sapal has a high potential of being a sufficient source in the storage of leguminous seeds.



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