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Homeschooling vs Public Education

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Education has always been a huge topic for society. Most want to gather knowledge, grow from it, and teach others to gain more than just a basic grasp of intellect. We accomplish this foundation by going to school. School is said to “create the minds of the future.” That without education, our society would turn into a bleak, dark hole of nothingness. However, what happens when there are multiple venues for education? Once school became public in 1635, homeschooling was a thing of the past. Something people did in the "old" days. Something that individuals did when there were no other options. For generations, parents have fought the validity of homeschooling, stating that it does not have the same fundamentals as public education; however this generation is changing. Society is evolving once again, and instead of choosing one form of education over the other, they are learning to accept them both, as a whole. Public School started in America on April 23rd 1635 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Latin School is the first and oldest existing school. Public school started out trying to teach what they felt the fundamentals of life are. The fundamentals were Church, family, community and apprenticeship. In those times, Church was allowed to be taught in school. In fact, it was revered. It was a core. Schools taught by one teacher, in one room, and there was a variety of grade levels. The teacher was required to teach multiple grade levels with one lesson. When public school started, the rich and elite were the only individuals allowed to have an education. Education required payment; meaning that families had to pay to have their children or themselves be educated. However, later in 1635 the first “free” public school was opened in Virginia. Most often, families only allowed the males to be educated because they were the breadwinners for their families. Females...

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