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Hometown Deli Technology Solution Proposal

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Hometown Deli Technology Solution Proposal
5 January 2013

“A business process or business method is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product (serve a particular goal) for a particular customer or customers. It often can be visualized with a flowchart as a sequence of activities with interleaving decision points or with a Process Matrix as a sequence of activities with relevance rules based on the data in the process” (Wikipedia, 2012).There are many definitions of a business process. A process has a definite starting point for time, place, and point of input. The input is transformed into output via a set of interdependent activities. These activities follow a logical flow; however, they may not add equal value to the process. The process ends with a defined output that is the resulting sum of all the activities performed on the input.
Business Process Explanation The Hometown Deli was opened in 1952 and overall has been pretty successful. With the recent development of a new Deli moving into the same location (radius) of Hometown, the owners sense this would be an excellent time to make various improvements to the business. The Hometown Deli is in superior condition taking in to fact that it’s about sixty years old. Many of the improvements will be address to back of the house (BOH) and front of the house (FOH) operations. The owners have taken the time to identify trends in the deli’s operations. They have mentioned areas of concern; for the BOH the refrigeration upgrades are a must while the FOH; the menu board and register will benefit from an upgrade. After analyzing their business process they have come up with two basic approaches to increase profit in the Deli as furthermore making the Hometown Deli more competitive. By introducing the Hometown Deli “build your own sandwiches combos” and the “kid friendly combo” options. This document will layout a technology proposal to rectify both BOH and FOH situations of concern. Starting with technology improvements for the kitchen (BOH) followed by the menu board and register upgrades needed for the FOH operations.
Propose Technology Solution Managers of the Hometown Deli rely on their Management Information System (MIS) to provide information in the form of reports. These reports assist in decision making throughout the Deli on a daily basis. Within the management support system there are many programs and smaller systems to help create the total outlook of the company. One of the systems being the Strategic Information System (SIS); the SIS applies information technology to the Deli’s products, services and business process to help gain a strategic advantage over their competitors. Recent reports show that Technology upgrades to both BOH and FOH would place them a step ahead of the new competition (O’Brien, J. & Marakas, G. 2011). The overall operations of the kitchen have been running fine with the 10 refrigeration units. Reports show that changing out the old refrigerator units for a more modern update set would have on energy cost and they would be able to down size to 5 refrigeration units. The proposal would be to install state of the art refrigeration with multiple uses. Starting with the Combination Half-Door Reach-In Refrigerator; this unique 55" Combination Half-Door Reach-In Refrigerator (T-49-2-G-2) from True features 4 doors: 2 on the top that are clear for optimal product identification and 2 on the bottom that are solid stainless steel. The exterior of the unit is constructed from the highest quality stainless steel, so it will not corrode or rust and will resist denting and scratching better than any other metal. The interior of the unit is constructed from bright white aluminum and includes a stainless steel floor with coved corners. The entire cabinet is insulated with E-comate, an earth-friendly high-density material that has no impact on the ozone or global warming. This versatile refrigerator is an ideal option for busy kitchens that would benefit from some visibility into the interior. In addition they should also install 1 large unit like the top of the line Delfield (SSDFP2-SH) - 56" Pass-Through Dual-Temp Refrigerator/Freezer – Specification Line. The 56" Pass-Through Dual-Temp Refrigerator/Freezer – Specification Line (SSDFP2-SH) is designed to be simply the best performing, most reliable refrigerator/freezer combo. Featuring energy-saving, half-height doors, this pass-through, and dual-temp machine can be accessed from either side, and it is equipped with a myriad of features that dramatically improve performance and reduce energy consumption. With everything from adaptive defrost control and an energy-saver door-heater switch to a top-mounted refrigerant system and a durable, stainless steel construction; one can be sure this combo has been built to perform exceptionally well (Food Service Warehouse, 2013). Finally to finish off the kitchen upgrades they will need to install 3 worktop refrigerators. The True (TWT-60) Worktop Refrigerator would be the perfect fit. This 61" Worktop Refrigerator (TWT-60) from True gives you unparalleled visual appeal and incredible details to keep your food refrigerated and conveniently located. While the stainless steel unit looks simple at first glance, it comes with plenty of remarkable details to make it a flawless unit in small professional kitchen environments. One particularly complimentary feature is the E-comate insulation. E-comate is a new and highly innovative polyurethane material that will not affect ozone depletion and has no global warming potential. With such a material, ones operation can feel confident knowing it is doing its part for the environment and you can feel safe knowing you are purchasing a quality machine. Making this unit perfectly specialized for the workspace, the stainless steel top and backsplash are constructed from one solid piece of metal. This keeps bacteria and debris away from areas that are difficult to clean, ensuring that your workspace is always in top-notch condition (Food Service Warehouse, 2013). For the FOH the menu board is hand written (black board in chalk), switching it out for the most modern menu board on the market will not only give their customers a bettering understanding of selection items but also take the FOH look and appeal from and outdated look to a blissful 21st century decor. To accomplish this the Hometown Deli would need to have the digital menu board system technology installed and capable to interface with register and inventory processes. As for the register, it’s not really an eye sore but it does not compute with inventory making the man hours needed to operate both taxing. Upgrading the system to the Computerized Cash Register Express (CRE)/ Restaurant Pro Express (RPE) it will instantly create information on daily revenue etc. For instance, that you have taken in $400, and that $100 of that $400 is your profit. It will also monitor your store inventory. In addition, it will inform one that they’ve sold 100 bottles of water, and that you have 200 bottles of water left in stock. It will also let one know what items you should order today because their stock is low (NEC Display Solutions, 2013).
Hardware, Software, & Communication Components Needed The BOH will not need any additional hardware, software, or communicational components, simply a few outlet sockets to which there are plenty already installed. The FOH will need to invest in the Digital Menu Board which is a computer unit within itself with LED backlights within in the LCD display. An electrical supply will need to be added to the wall units to plug in display screens. In addition the selling deli items require special features in a point of sale system. Cash Register Express (CRE) POS has been developed to handle this type of business. Weight scales can be used with Cash Register Express to help in ringing up customers. Two types of weight scales can be used. One type will send the quantity directly to Cash Register Express. You place the item on the scale and it is added to the invoice. Cash Register Express invoices the appropriate amount based on what the item weighs. The other kind of scale is the type that prints barcode with price. This type of flexibility makes Cash Register Express the choice of many delis. A typical point of sale system for deli store should include a computer, monitor, cash drawer, pole display, receipt printer, barcode scanner and a weight scale. The pole display informs your customers how much they are paying so they are likely to have the cash out quickly. A laser bar code scanner aggressively scans bar codes and quickly adds the item to the invoice. All these devices help reduce the time it takes to process a customer. Store owners know, the faster customers are processed, the more money is made. Deli POS Package - Includes
• POS Computer, with 250GB HD, 2GB RAM, 3.20Ghz, Windows 7 Pro, Standard Keyboard and Mouse. See computer details
• MMF Valu-Line Cash Drawer
• Star, TSP143, Thermal Receipt Printer
• Metrologic MS9520 Barcode Scanner
• Logic Control Pole Display
• 15-inch LCD Touchscreen Monitor
• 30lb Cash Register Weight Scale
• A choice of Cash Register Express or Restaurant Pro Express POS Software, Full, Professional Edition
(Food Service Warehouse, 2013).
How the solution will improve the process
Upgrades to both BOH and FOH operations will make a tremendous impact on the business process both behind the scene and more visual aspects that the customers will see. For the characteristics aspects to the FOH the speed of customer check out will be improved. With a barcode scanner, one can checkout a customer in half the time required with old fashion cash drawer. Even if one doesn’t use the barcode scanner, ones checkout is still faster and more accurate because one will be entering inventory item numbers that are automatically tied to prices specified in Cash Register for each item. Also, one has the options of creating barcodes in-house with top of the line barcode printer. With the special credit card reader, credit card processing will become a breeze. Which point out the improvement of accuracy to the business process. The price of every item in the deli will be coded into the Cash Register Express, and automatically processed when the code number is punched in. Never again will the event occur with having to figure out how much an item sells for. The clerks will stop guessing those prices, and charging customers wrongly (Semicron Systems, 2011).
As for the behind the scene business process customer tracking and sales tracking will benefit from these improvements. Keep track of which product a customer purchased. This will help one notify them when one have products on sale. Sending post cards to ones customers periodically makes them feel appreciated, and that makes them keep coming back. Which then will increase ones inventory, the deli will never need 300 boxes of frozen soup in the summer, but you may need 500 more bottles of water or your store during the month of June. Many stores order products based on what they think they sell. If one is able to check the inventory reports and see that the deli has sold 500 bottles of water last June, it helps one get prepared so one don't run out of bottled water this June. Watching ones inventory reports increases ones efficiency (Semicron Systems, 2011).
Support for Strategic Objective
As stated in stage 1; the Hometown Deli organisational success depends on their operational effectiveness. OE is about continuously improving functional performance. To do this, Hometown Deli will develop management to lead and control the functional activities within the organisation, measure and improve the processes that they are responsible for, and leverage those processes through standardisation, communication and automation to then close the loop to provide ever increasing efficiency and effectiveness. It is strategy’s role to mould these functions into a coherent organisational whole that will succeed in the chosen markets.
By taking the lead and control of the functional business process of the kitchen and replacing outdated equipment the Hometown Deil will be supporting suggested strategic objective. Creating an organizational advantage over their competitors, by installing both the digital menu board and updated cash register system the Hometown Deli will support improvement to operations, technology, communication, customer, and marketing management within their deli. Operations Management will continually improve internal process to realize efficiencies. Technology Management will begin to successfully implement and realize benefits from our computer and software systems. Communication Management will definitely see the improved internal communications. While the Customer Management will become more involved with the execution and able to maintain the CRM process that will produce results. Finally, the Marketing Management team will continuously broaden our customer database by obtaining new information on customer characteristics and needs.

The Hometown Deli was opened in 1952 and has been in business for sixty years in counting. Hometown Deli was continued to serve their devoted customers with pride, but it has come time to reorganize their information technology could use a few updates. By doing so they will enhance their customers experience and stay ahead of the new competition. By implementing improved IT solutions the Hometown Deli will be right on target.

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