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Homework 4 Managerial Economics and Organizational Structure

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HW 4
Review of attempt 1
Top of Form

Bottom of Form Started on | Sunday, 5 February 2012, 09:19 PM | Completed on | Sunday, 5 February 2012, 09:58 PM | Time taken | 38 mins 15 secs | Marks | 13/20 | Grade | 6.5 out of a maximum of 10 (65%) |
Question 1
Marks: 1
A compensation program that includes all performance indicators that influence an employee's output is called the:
Choose one answer. | a. informativeness principle. | | | b. incentive coefficient. | | | c. risk-sharing premium. | | | d. efficient bargaining solution. | |
Marks for this submission: 1/1.
Question 2
Marks: 1
An efficient allocation of risk among employees and owners must:
Choose one answer. | a. take into account that performance-based incentives are the sole important component of an employee's salary. | | | b. take into account that...

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