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Homework 4 Option Investment Policies

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Homework 4 Option Investment Policies

Click Link Below To Buy: STEP ONE: Update securities prices daily. Prepare an Excel Spreadsheet Investment analysis of Investment Returns. Submit the Investment Returns Analysis to the P4-Investment Returns Analysis Assignment Folder.
STEP TWO: You have been given an additional $100,000 to purchase a Portfolio of five (5) Option Contracts at Beginning of Week 4 (Note: Recommend Using for Option Information.)
Please keep in mind that you do not have the luxury of trading or selling and/or buying securities during your portfolio holding period.
After you determine your initial portfolio you must buy the portfolio using the HYPERLINK "" CBOE Virtual Trade Tool ( HYPERLINK "" The commission costs per trade (using CBOE Virtual Trade) are $9.95/trade for stocks and ETFs and $14.95/trade for options.
The securities you select for your portfolio can be selected from any traded securities that are available on CBOE Virtual Trading. (Exception! you may not invest in mutual funds or the S&P 500 market index)
STEP THREE: The assignment for the fourth week is to make your first option contract purchases using the CBOE Virtual Trade Tool ( HYPERLINK "" What did you purchase and how does it relate to the investment policies and strategies statement you developed for Homework #1? Did you modify the investment policies and strategies? If you changed your investment policies and procedures what exactly did you update? If you revised your investment strategies did you inform the client?
Please submit your Homework #4 Option…...

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