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1. Create a file called fullNames.txt using vi and have the following content in the file -- Please pay attention to put space character between the first and last name for each person below. (hint for the upcoming questions: the default delimeter for the paste and cut commands is TAB character not space character).

john smith alice wonderland sam blue

2. Write a unix command to print first name of each person in the fullNames.txt file to the screen. cut –f1 fullNames.txt
3. Write a unix command to create a file called firstNames.txt from the fullNames.txt file. This file should have the first name of each person per line.
Cut –f1 fullNames.txt > firstNames.txt
4. Write a unix command to print last name of each person in the fullNames.txt file to the screen
Cut –f2 fullNames.txt > lastNames.txt
5. Write a unix command to create a file called lastNames.txt from the fullNames.txt file. This file should have the last name of each person per line.
Cut –f2 fullNames.txt > lastNames.txt

6. Use a unix command to print the combined firstNames.txt and lastNames.txt files to the screen in a way that each line has the first and las name of one person delimited using : symbol. For instance, the first line to appear on the screen should be john:smith join firstNames.txt lastNames.txt

7. Modify your unix command in step 6 so that the lines are written to another file called newFullNames.txt rather than on the screen.
Join firstNames.txt lastNames.txt > newFullnames.txt

8. Write a unix command to append the line

mike:brown to the end of your newFullNames.txt file cat >> newFullnames.txt, mike:brown

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