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Homework Is an Effective Way to Supplement Classroom Learning

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“Class, please answer all even numbers in pages 34 to 483 of our lecture book. Write your answers in yellow pad. This is due tomorrow.” Who would not remember being dismayed upon hearing those words from the teacher? Homework has long been a way to supplement students’ learning outside the classroom. This has also kept students busy every night, staring at their computer screens studying or researching about their assigned school work. Homework, in a way, is a good way of maintaing the knowledge students gained from school, but is it really the most effective way of providing supplemental studies? Most studies have shown that homework may be more supplemental than being detrimental to a student’s learning.

On one perspective, it has been proven that assigning homework is beneficial to a student’s performance in school. Evidence has been found that homework is an effective supplemental form of learning, and “can impact positively on the retention and understanding of knowledge and can improve study skills...and demonstrate that learning can take place outside of formal schooling,” (qtd. in Department of Education and the Arts 7). This shows that studying should not just be confined to the walls of the classroom, and that after-school learning is vital to reinforce what has been taught by the teacher to the students. Without this reinforcement, students might easily forget the concepts learned in the classroom. Thus, this would result to a poor evaluation performance. This is especially true to students who do not pay attention during
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class time. Because of homework, they would be forced to study the lesson, and soon enough, result to understanding what has been taught in the classroom.

Students who do homework have also shown drastic improvements in their performance as compared to the students who do not do any homework at all. To quote one...

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