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Homework is an issue that affects both students and teachers on a daily basis. As teachers we must expect great things from our students and for our students to achieve great things, we need them to study and do work at home to help emphasize new information and concepts being taught in the classroom. Teachers must teach self- motivation and actively engage their students to do homework and study on a nightly basis. For students as well as their families homework can often be seen as chore that they must find time for between afterschool activities, their parents work schedules, and just wanting to play. Teachers must find just the right balance of homework to help reinforce what is being taught in the classroom while allowing for family time as well as accommodating the busy schedules many American’s face. Ms. Zalogwe has a zero-tolerance homework policy due to problems with students and homework in the past. She clearly lays out the policy at the beginning of the year and sends parents a handout so that they are also informed of her policies. It is important as a teacher to clearly explain to students as well as their parents exactly what is expected from them. I do believe a teacher should allow for some flexibility in their homework policies, while at the same time teaching self-motivation. Homework should reinforce what is being taught in the classroom and allow for positive social interaction. Homework should accommodate the varying learning levels found in the classroom.
Ms.Zalogwe has a section of the blackboard devoted strictly to homework information, it includes details of what is to be done, when it is due, how many points it is worth, and any other important information about the assignment. She believes this is enough information for the students without having to spend any class time discussing this information. While Ms. Zalogwe is clearly lying...

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