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Allan Paulo Dela Fuente December 5, 2012
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1. Present [Verb] - Give something: to give or hand something to somebody, often in humorously formal manner.
Present [Adjective] - Currently happening: taking place or existing now.

Example: John gives his present to Ramon in present party.

2. Object [Noun] - Something material that may be perceived by the senses.
Object [Verb] - to put forth in opposition or as an objection <objected that the statement was misleading>.

Example: There was an object of evidence to object in the court justice.

3. Project [Noun] - a specific plan or design: scheme.
Project [Verb] - to devise in the mind: design.

Example: They need to project to become the project success.

4. Bow [Noun] - to bend the head, body, or knee in reverence, submission, or shame.
Bow [Noun] - The object used by the Archers.

Example: The players make bow before they used the bow.

5. Minute [Noun] - the 60th part of an hour of time: 60 seconds.
Minute [Adjective] - very small: infinitesimal.

Example: Every minute there was a million minute bacteria multiply.

Allan Paulo Dela Fuente

1. Ate [Verb] - Past tense of eat.
Eight [Noun] - A number that is more than seven.

Example: He ate a delicious and juicy eight pieces of apple.

2. Beet [Noun] - a biennial garden plant (Beta vulgaris) of the goosefoot family that includes several cultivars (as Swiss chard and sugar beet) and that has thick edible leaves with long petioles and often swollen purplish-red roots.
Beat [Verb] - to strike repeatedly.

Example: He used a sharp object to beat the plant of beet.

3. Tee [Noun] - the letter t.
Tea [Noun] - an aromatic beverage prepared from…...