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Honda Case Analysis

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Group Final Presentation and Project
Depth Analysis

Tuesday Session-16h30/19h30

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1. Size and importance of the market globally, in Europe and (if relevant) in France
2. How the sector has traditionally worked
3. The effect of the Internet on the sector
4. Who the major global players are (then discuss one of the major global players as a more detailed example)
5. E-business models being used by the major player you chose in part #4 (including analysis of revenues and costs involved; you can use the business model canvas as a guide)
6. Consumer reaction to e-business in the sector (not just the chosen company, but the sector as a whole)
7. Future development of the sector driven by e-business (the sector as a whole)

1. Size and importance of the market globally, in Europe and (if relevant) in France.

Tourism is one of the most dynamic and resilient economic sectors. With international globalization tourists’ arrivals are reaching one billion each year and growth only expected to increase. Opportunities in the tourism industry are endless.

Europe is the world’s most visited regional destination, an increase of 5% in international tourist arrivals has been noticed. It’s the highest increase across all regions and a notable result for a rather mature region.

In France tourism is a major industry, the country is seen as the world’s leading tourist destination. Tourism led to 2 million jobs and 7%GDP, it is a strategic sector for the French economy. France is the world’s leading destination with 83.7 million tourists in 2014. The aim is to reach 100 million tourists by 2020.

On its behalf, AirBnB is an online community marketplace that allows people to rent or sell lodging. Users all over…...

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