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You're special

Sad music flooded through the room as tears dribbled down from a pair of sparkling green eyes. The moonlight that shone in from the opened window made those eyes sparkled in beauty. A girl sat on a old rocking chair, crying softly as she rocked back and forth, letting the creaking sound on the chair hitting the wooden floor soothed her.

" It won't work between us, Aries..." new tears came as she remember the broke up scene between her and Brian. It was cruel of him to broke up with her on Valentine's Day, which also happens to be her birthday. She couldn't take the news and was so shocked that she has not been herself for the past two days.

"Aries..." her mother's voice from the other side of the door pull her back from her thoughts.

"Sweetheart, please come out... Brian isn't worth your tears." her mom said softly and rapped on the door a few times.

Aries quickly wiped her tears away as she dragged herself to open the door. Her mom was carrying a tray with a bowl of porridge and a a cup of fruit juice. As soon as the door was wide enough, her mom walked in and put the tray on her reading table.

"Oh...sweetheart!" she sighed and hugged Aries tightly.

Aries didn't want to cry but she couldn't help it. She started crying into those comforting arms that have been there for her as long as she knew. Her mom consoled her with soft whispers as she cried her heart out. Her mother left after a while to give her daughter some space to calm herself after making sure she eat some of the food that was prepared.
Taking a sip of the porridge, she flashes back to her memories with Brian, trying hard to terminate the bitterness with him. Aries went so deep within her thoughts, she felt like everything is replaying in front of her again.

"Ugh..." she scowled as her breath escaped.

Downing the last bit of the juice, she walked over to her window. She had begged her mom to let her have the attic as her bedroom when they first moved her when she was seven. Ten years time passed in a blink of an eye, she's all grown up, had her first taste of love, her first heartbreak....Looking down at the forest surrounding her house, she felt calmer....maybe what her mom said was right, maybe Brian really didn't deserves her tears...

"Yeah mom's right.." running her hand through the wavy curls of her dark hair, she closed the window and walked over to the comfy covers of her bed, they seem inviting as always.

That's when she heard her window creaking. Scared, she grabbed a torch from her bedside table and walked cautiously towards the window, holding the torch in front of her as a weapon.

When she peered through the window, she saw nothing but a tree branch from the old oak tree outside her house tapping on the window. Aries breathed out a sigh of relief as she looked down at the torch and thought to herself, "A torch? Seriously, brain...all you can think of as a weapon to defense yourself is a torch that is nearly out of batteries?!"
Rolling her yes, she walked back to her bed when the window slammed open with a loud bang! Aries yelped in fright and fell onto her butt. A black figure was sitting on the window sill, grinning at her. She was about to screamed for her parents when the figure zoomed over with excellent speed and clammed her mouth shut with a hand.

"Hey, girl...didn't mean to scare you like that." he whispered.Aries could make out a guy's face as they were just a mere inches apart.
He looks like he was an angel from above. With the perfect features and body, if Aries hadn't been frightened out of her mind, she might have a bit trouble controlling her face from turning into one big tomato.

Making sure she won't screamed anymore, the guy let go of her and said, " I'm Raymond Esthergold. You can call me Ray but I prefer Raymond. Pleasure to meet you."

Taking deep breaths to calm her racing heart, she mumbled, "What are you doing in my room?"

"Oh! You see, I am a tracker. You're are a special someone like me so that's why I am here right ow, We didn't know what powers you have yet but we'll figured it out somehow. Maybe you're a vampire, werewolf, ghost whisperer, faerie, mind-reader, emotion controller, vision holder..." Raymond started blabbering non-stop.

"Slow down! I - What in the name of Jesus are you talking about?" Aries scrambled back on her feet and held her hands in font of her as defense.

"I need you to come with me." he said softly.

"I don't want to go anywhere with you!" she shouted as she started backing up against the wall.

"No, you don't'd be safer.." he took a step gently holding her wrist with worries in his eyes.

Aries shook her head violently as she pulled her wrist away from his grasp.

"No...No! Go away...don't touch me...what are you-? Everything was fine until you jumped in from my window!! Go away!!" her voice trembles as she replies.

Raymond clutched her shoulders. His warm eyes bored into hers.

"Aries! You're special!" he raised his voice making him sounded harsh.

"I'll call my mom if you stayed here for another second!" Aries reached for her phone as Raymond sprang back to to the window.

He took one last glance at Aries as he whispered, "Be safe..." and leaped into the darkness.

Aries slumped onto the floor. Her head was spinning. She crawled to the window and locked it. She slammed herself on the deb, rethinking the words Raymond said.

"Maybe you're a vampire, werewolf, ghost'd be safer!....Aries, you're special..."

She pressed her head hardly against the pillow and pulled the covers over her head. She knew she had to sleep.

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