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Hong Kong as a Tourism Hub

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In year 1997, Hong Kong, the once part of Chinese Empire then became British colony, changed its status again to Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. The implications of this unique heritage, its transition and cultural identity have shaped Hong Kong into current tourism hub (Henderson, 2010). A survey conducted by Yuwa (2013) shows that Hong Kong ranked 9th in the top 20 global tourist’ destinations. However, competition has been heated up around the region lately. More countries including China (mainly Shenzhen and Zhuhai), Taiwan, and Southeast Asia countries (particularly Singapore and Thailand) are joining the league to attract high-net-worth travelers. The following paragraphs are about to explain both the competitiveness of Hong Kong and threats that may challenge its position as regional tourism hub.
Well-connected ground transportation, world renowned airport and sheltered natural harbor contribute to the success of Hong Kong tourism. Hong Kong’s home carrier Cathay Pacific success in attracting millions of tourists to Hong Kong also attracts major airlines to expand flight network to Hong Kong International Airport. The airport is subsequently honored as one of the fully utilized, most efficient and competitive airport in the world (Strategic Access Limited, n.d.). Tam (1997) claims that the advanced infrastructure projects improving transport network, such as the Hong Kong International (Chep Lap Kok) Airport and the number three highway to north New Territories, could raise the competitiveness of Hong Kong in tourism too. Besides, the advanced and modern telecommunication system as well as the prestige of Hong Kong as International Financial Centre further enhances Hong Kong as preferred location for business travel and conferences. However, these outstanding infrastructures do come at high cost, which are then partly...

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