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Hong Kong Is My Home

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a quarterly journal from the hongkong federation of youth groups

September 2014 December 2013

Volume 5 Number 4 6 3


Hong Kong is home

Fitness and nutrition Pollution YouTubers


Cover image by 羅潤龍

by Yun Huang Yong com/photos/goosmurf/5899151996/

YOUTH HONG KONG published quarterly by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups EDITORIAL BOARD Rosanna Wong Elaine Morgan (Editor) Ada Chau (Assistant Editor) Angela Ngai Lakshmi Jacotă William Chung Henry Poon CIRCULATION (unaudited) 11,000-12,000 in Hong Kong, throughout the region and overseas VIEWS EXPRESSED are the authors’ and interviewees, may come from official sources, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board or publisher REPRODUCTION OF CONTENTS without written permission from the publisher is prohibited INTERVIEWS Elaine Morgan, Lakshmi Jacotă, Ada Chau PERSPECTIVES CONTRIBUTORS Ben Tse Elena Ng Mimi Mo Jessica Chan Ajmal Samuel Elaine Morgan SELECETD YOUTH SPEAK CONTRIBUTORS Lin Kristy, Ernest Chau Christy Chu Joy Pamnani Ivy Ho, Kevin Li Ho-lam, Gigi Chau Pansy Tam OTHER CONTRIBUTORS Virginia Addison Education Post Cathay Pacific Kate Yung Hilary Lok HKFYG unit staff TRANSLATION Henry Poon Ada Chau PHOTOGRAPHS Courtesy of HKFYG Very Hong Kong competition entrants, as captioned. Other photographs by Elaine Morgan, Ada Chau, acknowledged as captioned, or in public domain ARTWORK Sam Suen, DG3 DESIGN, LAYOUT & PRINTING DG3 Asia Ltd ISSN 2071-3193 WEB CORRESPONDENCE to The Editor, Youth Hong Kong, 21/F, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building, 21 Pak Fuk Road, North Point, Hong Kong TEL 3755 7084, 3755 7108 FAX 3755 7155 EMAIL ADVERTISING enquiries to Ada Chau 3755 7108 THE HONG KONG FEDERATION OF YOUTH GROUPS was founded in 1960 and is one of the...

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