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Honour Killing

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Concept of Law (LAW 210)
Dr. Ali Qazilbash
25th October 2013

Even when the majority discourage honor killing and consider it one of the most morally reprehensible acts of our time why does still continue to be part of our culture and our society?

Women have been used for centuries by men to resolve their feuds but out of all the torture females have to bear because of men the worst of all is honor killing which has snatched away thousands of women lives each year. Believed to have originated as a patriarchal tribal custom, honor killings are a global phenomenon. A 2000 report by the UN Population Fund estimated that as many as 5,000 women and girls are killed each year by relatives for allegedly dishonoring their family. While the practice is often associated with Muslim cultures, it also happens among Christians, Hindus and Sikhs. However, an independent British study suggested the practice is strongest in Pakistan and Turkey. In a 2009 edition of the U.S. policy journal Middle East Quarterly, American feminist writer Phyllis Chesler argued that honor killings are distinct from domestic violence. According to Chesler, honor killings differ from domestic abuse because they are planned in advance and often rely on collusion between multiple family members (The history).

In Pakistan, honor killing is when the society or family kills a person because they believe that person has somehow destroyed family honor or ashamed them in front of the society. Honor killing is locally known as karo-kari here karo stand for black male and kari for black female, originally used metaphorically for adulterer and adulteress but with the passage of time it got connoted with many immoral behaviors.

Generally the victims of honor killings are both male and female but because the karo get the chance to flee while kari are stuck with their families, the...

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