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Hope of the Flowers

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A different sort of book For everyone Except for those who have given up completely (and even they might secretly enjoy it)

HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS words and pictures by

Trina Paulos

Trina Paulos

A tale…. Partly about life Partly about revolution And lots about hope For adults and others (including caterpillars who can read)

Many thanks To everyone All over the world Who has helped me Believe in the butterfly. This is the tale Of a caterpillar Who has trouble Becoming what He really is. It is like myself – like us. Love


To the “more” of love – the real revolution

And my father who believed in it.


Once upon a time A tiny striped caterpillar Burst from the egg Which had been home For so long. “Hello world,” he said. “It sure is bright out here in the sun.”

“I’m hungry,” he thought and straightaway began to eat the leaf he was born on. And he ate another… and another….and another. And got bigger…and bigger….and bigger….

Until one day he stopped Eating and thought, “There must be more to life that just eating and getting bigger. “It’s getting dull.”

So Stripe crawled down From the friendly tree Which had shaded and fed him. He was seeking more.

There were all sorts of new things to find. Grass and dirt and holes and tiny bugs – each fascinated him. But nothing satisfied him.

When he came across some other crawlers like himself he was especially excited. But they were so busy eating They had no time to talk – Just as Stripe had been. “They don’t know any more about life than I do," he sighed.

Then one day Stripe saw some crawlers really crawling.

He looked around for their goal and saw a great column rising high into the air.

When he joined them he discovered….

….the column was a pile of squirming, pushing caterpilalrs – a caterpillar pillar.

It appeared that the...

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