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One significant practical effect from studying business ethics and applying then to your business is an improvement in the reputation of your business. These things take time, but word of mouth is a powerful force in society, and having friends and neighbors talking about how you treated them right is the best advertising a business can have.One significant practical effect from studying business ethics and applying then to your business is an improvement in the reputation of your business. These things take time, but word of mouth is a powerful force in society, and having friends and neighbors talking about how you treated them right is the best advertising a business can have.One significant practical effect from studying business ethics and applying then to your business is an improvement in the reputation of your business. These things take time, but word of mouth is a powerful force in society, and having friends and neighbors talking about how you treated them right is the best advertising a business can have.One significant practical effect from studying business ethics and applying then to your business is an improvement in the reputation of your business. These things take time, but word of mouth is a powerful force in society, and having friends and neighbors talking about how you treated them right is the best advertising a business can have.One significant practical effect from studying business ethics and applying then to your business is an improvement in the reputation of your business. These things take time, but word of mouth is a powerful force in society, and having friends and neighbors talking about how you treated them right is the best advertising a business can have.

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...All is Lost In Fools Crow, by James Welch, Welch shows that everything can be lost through betrayal, the loss of a center, and no trust. This is described in the text of Fools Crow, by the story told by Mad Plume of the Black Patched Moccasins. Mad Plume tells Fools Crow, formally known as White Mans Dog, about their past and their downfall. Betrayal is the start to something that can destroy everything that a tribe once was. Little Dog was once the chief of the Black Patched Moccasins. “Many of us were surprised, but Little Dog told us a good trick, for soon good things to eat would grow. The white chiefs wished us to quit the trail of the blackhorns and to grow the good things to feed upon.” (97). Little Dog tried to live in peace with the Napikwans. So he and his people tried to live like the Napikwans. The thing though is that they were always hungry now because they were not getting the nutrients they once got, so they started hunting the blackhorns again. This angered the Napikwans. So Little Dog had to try other ways to please them. All he wanted was peace among them and his people. He feared the Napikwans so he threatened his people “He told our people not to kill anymore of them. He told the seizer chiefs that he would deal harshly with those Pikunis that offended them. He wanted peace between the Pikunis and the Napikwans, and that would be his downfall.” (97). He did not want his people to offend the Napikwans in anyway to give them a reason to bring harm to......

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