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Horizon Consulting Patti Smith Case Study

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Horizon Consulting Patti Smith looked up at the bright blue Carolina sky before she entered the offices of Horizon Consulting. Today was Friday, which meant she needed to prepare for the weekly status report meeting. Horizon Consulting is a custom software development company that offers fully integrated mobile application services for iPhone ™ , Android ™ , Windows Mobile ® and BlackBerry ® platforms. Horizon was founded by James Thrasher, a former Marketing executive, who quickly saw the potential for digital marketing via smartphones. Horizon enjoyed initial success in sports marketing, but quickly expanded to other industries. A key to their success was the decline in cost for developing smartphone applications which expanded the client base. The decline in cost was primarily due to learning curve and ability to build customized solutions on established platforms. Patti Smith was a late bloomer who went back to college after working in the restaurant business for nine years. She and her former husband had tried unsuc-cessfully to operate a vegetarian restaurant in Golden, Colorado. After her di-vorce, she returned to University of Colorado where she majored in Management Information Systems with a minor in Marketing. While she enjoyed her marketing classes much more than her MIS classes, she felt the IT know- how acquired would give her an advantage in the job market. This turned out to be true as Horizon hired her to be an Account Manager soon after graduation. Patti Smith was hired to replace Stephen Stills who had started the restaurant side of the business at Horizon. Stephen was “ let go” according to one Account Manager for being a prima donna and hoarding resources. Patti’s clients ranged from high- end restaurants to hole in wall Mom and Pop shops. She helped de-velop smartphone apps that let users make reservations, browse menus, receive alerts on daily…...

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