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Horror Restaurant

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Name Of The Service:

Bones n Brains --- A Horror Restaurant

Service Is:

The motto is "FUN FOR THE YOUNG DEVILS”. The horrifying environment. Dracula, Vampires, and others at your service. Foods with a new touch and names. Amazing way of serving food. Offering a unique and affordable way of celebrating special occasions.

Objective Of The Project (Mission):

A new, impressive way of capturing the target market with the help of perfect marketing mix. Finding and defining external entities, target market and marketing strategies which could help this new service in increasing its market share.


A three floor building , located at Zamzama boulevard and a board stating Bones n Brains with nothing special but the thing that makes it different from other food outlets in Karachi is the link it provides a dead world with alive along with its unique environment and the way meal is served.

The hotel is comprised of two floors with basement. Kitchen, reception and store room are on the ground floor. There is a seating arrangement of 200 people on each floor.

Additional Features:

A late night horror movie show on every Saturday and exciting games like who can dig the grave fastest, counting the bats , stabbing till death etc. besides this our staff members including the waiters will look more like roaming vampires , draculas , monsters in full horrific environment. The meal will be served in specially designed cutlery like skulled shaped bowl with dripping blood etc which will make people closer to the dead world.

Modern day eating outlets are more and more being centered on themes and on recreations of the atmosphere that gives the clients a feeling of actually being a part of that time frame or locality. All those eating...

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