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Horticulture Laboratory Exercise No. 5c

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Laboratory Exercise No. 5d
Fertilizer Application
Name: John Remart A. Empron Date Performed:
Lab. Schedule : W(7:00-9:00) Date Submitted: Feb.26, 2016

Introduction Fertilizer is needed almost to all crops in order to supply the missing nutrients of the plants. In crop production, fertilizer application is the one of the major aspect for them to achieve maximum yield. Timing of fertilizer application has a significant effect on crop yields. Proper timing of the fertilizer application increases yields, reduces nutrient losses, increases nutrient use efficiency and prevents damage to the environment. There are two types of fertilizer that being used these are; Organic fertilizers, it works over time to create a healthy growing environment, while inorganic fertilizers provide rapid nutrition. Determining which is better for your plants depends largely on the needs of your plants and your preferences in terms of cost and environmental impact.
1.To get acquainted with the various kinds of fertilizer materials and the different methods of application.
2. To be able t compute the amount of a given fertilizer material to apply to a particular crop.
3. To gain experience in the actual application of fertilizer.

1. Lecture/discussion on different fertilizer materials, fertilization methos and computation of amount/ rate of fertilizer.
2. The class will visit the PomologyArea ,cacao or coffee Projects obthe Department of Horticulture. The methods of fertilizer application fo the cacao or coffee plants will be demonstrated.
3. The class will do actual fertilizer application of any of the following crops: cacao, coffee and fruit trees.

Guide Questions
1. Enumerate and...

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