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Hospital Operational Budget Analysis

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• Analyze the last poor decision made by a group of which you were a member. What do you think contributed to the group’s poor decision? Did the group think of alternative possibilities? Did the group move too quickly through any of the development stages? If yes, did this cause lack of cooperation or poor communication?
In a newly formed Nurse Excellence Council decisions needed to be made regarding Nurses Week Awards. Last year was the first year that any awards were given as part of the Nurses Week Celebrations. The Council is comprised of primarily bedside nursing staff (as voting members) with Nursing Leadership (1 vote) present as support. The team is lead by a committee appointed Chair and the Co-Chair is our Pathways Director. As a leadership team we take turns attending the meeting so that we all are visible at different while trying to be considerate of the committee and not all leadership present at all meetings.
As the team discussed the awards that were given last year, they made a quick decision to eliminate any awards that were previously given to non-nursing personnel (i.e. Outstanding Support Staff [Unit Secretaries, PCA’s, Tech’s etc…] and the Nurses Choice Physician Award [given to a physician that was a constant Nurse Advocate]). The committee voiced that “Nurses Week is for Nurses and we should only be recognizing Nurses during OUR celebration”. I, as the Leadership representative, voiced my feelings and attempted to give the “collaboration and team” reasoning behind the awards, with little consideration. The committee made their formal recommendations to our Nurse Exec Council at which time we denied the recommendations.
I feel that lack of education and understanding of the true meaning of Nurses Week and the importance of our profession collaborating with our fellow heath care workers, was the main contributor to the poor decision...

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