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Hospitality and Restaurant Management as an in-Demand Course: a Survey Study

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| Hospitality and Restaurant Management As an In-Demand Course: | A Survey Study | | Peter Jay Obillo | 10/1/2013 |



Background of the Study
In the annual rate of enrollees at Panpacific University North Philippines, The College of Hotel and Restaurant Management takes the place of one of the courses that has a high percentage of enrollments every year in the other courses offered. This result shows that many students are giving interest of taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management course. Hospitality Management is one of the courses that is in-demand in the Philippines and all around the world. The program has a very broad scope of subject and skills to be learned, it may come in many names; these are food and beverage, hospitality management, and travel and tourism business, cruise line and maritime.

Here are some factors why Hotel and Restaurant Management course is in-Demand:
1.)Wide Range of Opportunities- Hospitality Industry is very huge. You can find different Hospitality companies anywhere in the globe. Because of this you will Have Unlimited opportunities for your career. You can choose to work in your local or find jobs abroad.

2.)Different Career Path- Graduates who study Hotel and Restaurant Management choose a career based on their expertise or shift to another field related to Hospitality Management. You can be a Restaurant Manager, Hotel Manager or any career that is related in hospitality industry.

3.)High Salary- Most employees in Hospitality industry are paid higher than on other industry especially working overseas. A hospitality worker can also find part time jobs other than their regular jobs to earn more extra income.

With the right credentials, the fast growing Hospitality Industry can offer a wide range of careers to choose from. In a big Hotel, you can be employed as:

* Bar...

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