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Information system transforms reality into information for all members of the company with a good support with information system over organization, the management of marketing and finance, production will be efficient, tracking objectives and goals will be easier for functional mangers because they will be informed about the process and they will have the ability to track their targets, will bring the attention for any exceptional problem so this helps in planning future, creates a database of all employees of the organization help them to analyze situations and easily find them with all the necessary data to save their time.
The organization uses all stages of information system to collect and store data to provide it in a form provides information needed for daily operations, all people who works in organization from someone who pay pills to the mangers who make decisions uses information system.
For example: a car dealership can use database to know what the best product was sold.
Its look like that the organization is hart and information system is a blood helps to keep alive information system helps processing transaction and helps management personnel to control and scheduling and helps top management to create their strategic plans and long term plans now days information system considered a major information source to serve employees easily, it’s one of components that give the company the chance to develop their products and beat the competitors and that what can give the company an advantage in the market between others , information system can improve morale and productivity of employees and the company will gain client satisfaction.
The apply security and ethics in information system of organization, the organization should set a security to protect all information and data from hacking ,the organization should ensure that the data and all...

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