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This can heats itself!
Hot Can is a revolutionary range of tasty beverages that give you a hot drink, anytime… anywhere…
Hot Can has a separate heating chamber that when activated, produces a non-toxic, non-flammable reaction that heats up the contents by more than 50°C, all by itself!
Hot Can is ideal to keep in your car, bag or backpack, always ready when you need a hot drink.
Hot Can is ideal for people on the go, when everything is closed or too far away or where you can’t turn on the heat.
When there is no other way to get warm inside, Hot Can can!

Benefits of Hot-Can

Hot-Can heats up all by itself:
NO microwave or heating needed
Ready to heat anytime, anywhere
Keeps HOT up to 45 minutes

Hot-Can is environmentally friendly:
100% Recyclable
Non-flammable reaction
Non-toxic & biodegradable

Hot-Can is ideal for:
• Tradies & shift workers
• Truckies & drivers
• Outdoor workers & crews
• People on the go
• Walkers & campers
• Family outings & road trips
• Sporting & entertainment events
• On campus or between classes
Keep Hot-Can handy in your car, boat, van or bag.
Not for now… but for later… just when you need it!
Can I place the Hot-Can in the Microwave?
NO! The Hot-Can is aluminium and should never be placed in a microwave. The heat engine integral with the Hot-Can is designed to heat up the beverage without any external heat source.

Can I pour out half of the beverage and leave half for later?
The Hot-Can is not designed for pouring. It is designed to retain heat and the heat engine is designed to keep your beverage hot for 45 minutes at ambient room temperature. So unlike a standard cup of coffee which gets cold if you do not drink it quickly, your Hot-can beverage will be hot till the last drop!

Can the drink get too hot?
Yes. If you store your Hot-Can in a hot car that may be 40°C...

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