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Hot Tub Case Study

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Why was the hot tub set to such a dangerously high temperature?
First, Roma and Clint had a very high BAL of 0.20. At that point their decision making would get very weak and they cannot stand up. So with the poor their poor decision, they could have set the temperature of the hot tub higher. Also, since the weather was colder than usual at 15 degrees Celsius, the water temperature could have been lower due to the cold air.

How does water temperature affect core body temperature?
If the water is cold the body will try to conserve heat and keep its homeostasis.
If the water is hot the body will try to get rid of heat to keep its homeostasis. Hot tub water was hot at 45 degrees Celsius. Blood vessels will dilate near the surface of the skin. Sweat to cool down the body temperature

Did the air temperature have an effect on water temperature?
The air was about 15 degrees Celsius which is much colder than the hot tub temperature. So the air temperature would cool the water down.

How does the body respond to 45 degrees Celsius?
The body sweats to cool down and blood vessels dilate. Therefore lose water

How does the body respond to 15 degrees Celsius?
Blood vessels contract near surface. Muscles contract (shiver)

When would heat stroke occur?
Heat stroke occurs when the body over heats. Heat stroke occurs when the core body temperature is greater than 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.5 degrees Celsius), with complications involving the central nervous system that occur after exposure to high temperatures. Primary hyperthermia (for instance, heatstroke), temperature regulation is either partially or totally out of action. The patient often sweats only a little or not at all, and the skin is flushed red, hot and dry.

How could hot temperature have an effect on a person with alcohol consumed?
Alcohol interferes with balance, coordination and…...

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