Hotel Rating vs. Sustainable Management

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How Environmentally Sustainable Management Measures Up to Luxury
June 7, 2015
Jill Boyd
Dr. Michael Conlin
Buad 390 – Properties Management
June 7, 2015
Jill Boyd
Dr. Michael Conlin
Buad 390 – Properties Management

Table of Contents Sustainable Management Initiatives 2 How Hotel Ratings Are Determined 4 5 Star Hotels – Ritz Carleton 4 4 Star Hotels – Hyatt 5 3 Star Hotels – Hilton 7 2 Star Hotels – Days Inn (Wyndham) 8 1 Star Hotels – Econo Lodge 9 Conclusion 9 Bibliography 10

In today’s world environmentally sustainable management is an important issue in many industries. The tourism industry has a large impact on the economic benefits of a country by increasing jobs, increasing income, and GDP. However, the tourism industry also has a great impact on the environment. These environmental impacts are not always as positive as economical one. It is important for hotels to help their communities by reducing their carbon footprint. It is for this reason, that many hotel chains have created environmental sustainability strategies. In this essay, I will briefly discuss agenda 21, and other sustainable management initiatives. I will also examine, several different hotel chains, in an attempt to see if their environmental strategies are consistent with a hotel’s rating.
Sustainable Management Initiatives
Agenda 21 was presented at the World Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Its purpose it “to provide a blueprint for securing the sustainable future of the planet” (Agenda 21, n.d.). This initiative outlined the following areas that may help hotels create their environmental sustainable strategies: 1. Waste minimization. 2. Energy conservation. 3. Management of fresh water resources. 4. Wastewater…...

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