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Hourly Nursing Rounds

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Hourly Rounding Decrease Falls, Call Light Usage and Increase Patient Satisfaction
Jacqueline Madison
Grand Canyon University
Introduction to Nursing Research
NRS 433v
Diana Nassar
August 12, 2012

Hourly Rounding Decrease Falls, Call Light Usage and Increase Patient Satisfaction
Hourly rounding is a continuing challenge for hospitals across the United States. What’s effective about this method is that it has brought some positive changes to some Health care facilities. There are three factors that have been constantly tested to improve patient care. These factors are: 1) fall rates 2) call light usage and 3) overall patient satisfaction. Previous researchers have done experiments that may have helped with improving the three factors. Reduction in patients’ injury due to falls is one of the safety goals of the Joint Commission. Research would suggest that patient’s falls can be damaging to the patient, their family members, staff, and can cause increase in health care cost.
Prior studies have acknowledged the importance of fall prevention and patient satisfaction in hospital settings. Nurses, who are the primary care-giver for the patients, are the central impact of patient care. Therefore, the researchers depended on the medical-surgical nurse specialists (CNS) and nursing managers (NM) to make sure that all the patients’ needs were met in order to address the factors mentioned before. The researcher’s purpose for this study was to show the effect that hourly rounding has on the three factors: fall rates, call light usage, and patient satisfaction. Questions that the researchers had prior to the experiment were educationally answered by other researchers. Three previous studies showed that hourly rounding decreased call light usage and increased patient...

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