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House On Mango Street Poverty

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Can growing up in poverty affect a child? Growing up in poverty will affect children in many ways hurting them and their daily lives. The article ¨The effects of poverty…” by the APA the article talks about how children are affected by growing up in poverty in different ways and how their future is changed because of it. In the novel House on mango Street , by Sandra Cisneros, the novel includes a series of characters like Esperanza, Mamacita and sally. These girls all have grown up in poverty and have not received the same academic opportunities as other students. Growing up in poverty will affect a child negatively , because the child is already facing struggles to get the right tools that they need, which will affect the outcome on their future, children's health are also affected by poverty because they are in poorer communities which puts them at greater risk of a wide range of physical health problems, lastly poverty can affect behavior because children can act different behaviorally and emotionally when struggling through poverty. Children …show more content…
In the article “ The Effects of Poverty…” it states “poverty has a particular adverse effect on the academic outcomes of children.” (APA, 2) This quote suggests, children struggling in poverty have educational disadvantages. In the novel House on Mango Street the character Lois goes through trials with her education due to poverty and not getting the right exposure to academics. “She wears makeup but she does not know how to tie her shoes.” (cisneros, Sire). The effects on this character education has caused her to do the wrong things like not getting a real job and working on the streets. Some may believe that Lois would want to work harder to achieve greatness, but i reality not being educated is to hard to face when you're an adult. Many children are born in poverty everyday, one last way I can prove poverty affects children is behavioral

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