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Housekeeping Managements and Planning Procedures

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HOW LONG : jan 2013


4. NAME : Ma. Teresa Camias Walgraeve
AGE : 42
ADDRESS : san manuel
STATUS : married to a foreign
EDUC. ATTAINMENT: college (undergrad)
HOW LONG IN THIS INDUSTRY : January 5. Reason why did they build up this business ? * They build up this kind of business because instead of this is their relaxing home it is only base on their experience in other inn or pension houses they are not satisfied in they accommodation that’s why they build up their own inn for the comfortable accommodation for the budget conscious travelers

* HISTORY OF the BUSINESS : first it was only a villa for their staying there in Palawan and then in their travelling experience they are not satisfied in their experiences that’s why they decided to buikd up this kind of business.

FOR YOU WHAT IS THE IMPORTANT SKILL,VALUES, AND TRAITS MUST A MANAGER HAVE ? * hardwork,motivated they have to be 24hrs. focus


* Housekeeping (3), frontdesk, pool staffs, gardener ,and FNB 8. WHAT ARE YOUR ROUTINES, STRATEGIES OR TACTICS ? * Onlines reservation, small revenue sa online kasi my percentage pag my bumabayad

How did they give good service if there is no electricity. 10. HOW DID YOU HANDLE OR SOLVE IT ? * Less sa rate kung brownout

Bookkeeper(1week every month)

12. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS THAT YOU GIVE TO YOUR STAFFS ? * Day off , SSS, pHILhEALTH, half salary if my sakit yung employee, pag simpleng sakit na nasa hospital sinoshoulder nan g may ari


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