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Housing Challange

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• Primate city. • 13 million people, (34% urban population) • Area 1,353 km2 ; density 18055 /sq km (National urban 3004/sq km) • 5th largest city by 2030 in world • 36 % population live below poverty line

Housing sector performance
 85 % of housing stock is informal.  housing deficiency is 40 thousand units/year
5 fold increase in price of land over last five years.
Housing supply is dependent on market and State has little control over market monopoly Recent boom in the real estate business

Present Scenario of Housing

5000 slums accommodating 3.4 million • 60 % rental accommodation provided by informal sector • • Homeownership 20 %, Rental- 80% Govt’s contribution is 10 %

• Centralised power of Capital development authority

Housing provision for different Groups
H o m e o w n e r s h i p

Group High income and Upper middle income Middle income Lower middle income Low income

Supply actors Real estate developers, privately developed, Capital development Authority ,NHA National Housing Authority (plot and Flat), Private rental Private land owners (private rental), NHA(?), Private rental (illegal occupation of Govt land and private property) Resettlement/rehabilitatio n camps, govt employee colonies, NGO, local authority

approaches Apartment, serviced plots, Flats

performance Capitalistic monopoly Highly targeted

Plot, Flat


Flat Employee quarters, core houses

Market supply Subject to demand and market supply

r e n t a l

Very inadequate



night shelter


Low Income Housing provision
Residential Pattern Slum & Squatter Poor Outside Slum Various Arrangements % of Poor 47.5 27.1

Rehabilitation camps and Employee housing -less than 1 % of population

Tenement housing in inner city -About 5 percent of city population -Overcrowding and congestion, dilapidated housing

Household Maids with High/Middle Class Residence


Floating Population 1.8 Garments Worker 7.2 outside Slums People in 2.7 Institutional Buildings Construction Areas, 2.9 Kutcha Bazars, on Trucks, Buses, &other
Source: CUS (1996)

Slum and squatter (Including non residential spaces) , pavement dwellers

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