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Houston Gangs

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Branden Banks
Professor Butler
Eng. 1001
31 October 2012
Houston Gangs Houston is a very populated city that has a very big problem with gangs in the communities. There are many people that are concerned about their children going to school safely because there’s so much gang activity in Houston. Many of the children’s parents are concerned about the influence of gang activity that is constantly rising. I have seen twelve year old kids being influenced to be in a gang or either gang affiliated already. Communities are terrified to even let their children go outside and play, thinking that they are going to get shot because of everyday shootings constantly happening. The gang violence has to come to an end, but how can Houston stop the gang violence in communities? What can the city possibly do to decrease gang activity? The Police department could force officers to become stricter against gang activity and violence. The community can support no gang violence. Houston could have better activities within the community to keep children and people away from trouble. Schools can have stricter programs against gang activity. The community could create programs that has ex-gang members influence the youth no to take the wrong path in life. It’s so many ways that could reduce the gang activity in Houston. There are many things that the Houston police departments can do to reduce gang violence in Houston, and one way is to make police officers stricter about gang violence in the streets of Houston. I’ve seen copious amounts of gang activity, and you would mostly see young people in gangs. The city should enforce a curfew law that should keep the youth out of the streets. The curfew law should make children at seventeen and under be in the house by eleven o’clock on weeknights and two o’clock in the morning on weekends. Any child that doesn’t make it in the house by…...

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