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Strategic Plan to Address Homelessness Houston/ Harris County

Blue Ribbon Commission to End Chronic Homelessness Houston/Harris County May 2006

Table of Contents

COMPONENTS OF THE 10 YEAR PLAN 1. Strategic Plan to Address Homelessness……………………………………Tab 1 a. Context b. Synthesis of Research Findings c. Strategic Plan Goals d. Summary of Year 1 Action Steps e. Funding Requirements f. Summary of Data Report Findings g. Models used to Develop Plan 2. Summary of System Management Function…………………………………Tab 2 3. Enumeration and Needs Assessment………………………………………...Tab 3 a. Enumeration b. Community Profile c. Profiles of Specific Sub-Populations d. Conclusions e. Recommendations 4. Gaps Analysis……………………...………………………………………...…..Tab 4 5. Rapid Re-housing Demonstration Report………………………………….....Tab 5 a. Pierce Intervention Evaluation 6. Open Doors Report………………………………………………………………Tab 6 a. Rapid Assessment of Needs of Hurricane Evacuees

Blue Ribbon Commission to End Chronic Homelessness

Anna Babin United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast David Benson Harris County Commissioners Court David S Buck, MD, MPH Department of Family & Community Medicine Baylor College of Medicine James Calaway Center for Houston’s Future Robert Eury Central Houston, Inc. The Most Reverend Bishop Fiorenza The Diocese of Galveston – Houston Skip Kasdorf Greater Houston Partnership Richard Lapin City of Houston Anna Leal Houston Endowment, Inc.

The Honorable Pat Lykos Harris County Anthony Love Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County Barry Mandel Houston Downtown Alliance Jackie Martin J.S. Martin Associates, LP Vickie L. McBride City of Houston Department of Housing & Community Development The Honorable Gordon Quan Former City Council Member At Large, Position 2 Sally Shipman The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness Region VI Coordinator – Southwestern States Richard Wilson...

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